Libido-Boosting Foods – Best Foods for Sex

There are plenty of accessible and affordable foods that can improve your sex drive and performance in bed, which you shouldn’t be missing out on. Check out our brief list of the best libido-boosting foods!


You know all about dark chocolate and spinach, but did you know hot peppers are even more effective? That’s because they speed up the metabolism and stimulate endorphins, speeding up your heart rate and improving blood circulation throughout the body. Just make sure you wash your hands after eating hot peppers and before touching sensitive areas.


This delicacy features copious amounts of zinc, a mineral that boosts the growth hormone and testosterone levels. Both of these enhance physical performance and muscle growth.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds improve sex drive and mood. They’re one of the best food sources of tryptophan, an amino acid that stimulates production of the happiness hormone serotonin.

Pine Nuts

Like oysters, pine nuts are loaded with zinc, supplementing the force of your libido even more.


Associations aside, bananas are actually one of the best foods for sex. They contain a lot of potassium, which strengthens the immune system and counteract the effects of salty foods. The latter have an adverse effect on the libido.

Fatty Fish

Fatty coldwater fish like sardines, wild salmon, and tuna have a very high content of omega-3 fatty acids, which spike up dopamine levels and triggers arousal, not to mention their positive effects on the cardiovascular system.


We bet you’re surprised! All kinds of potatoes are rich in potassium too. Researchers have found a connection between low potassium levels, reduced sex drive, and depression. This vegetable is a cheap and effective way to counter these unpleasant conditions.


Bear in mind that there are differences between men and women – women should eat more meat because they are more prone to iron deficiency, which is a cause of weak libido.

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